Built for production use

Powerful at its core


Token generation

We'll generate dynamic, short-lived, MapKit JS tokens for you on the fly.


Built for speed

Page load speed matters. We won't get in your way by leveraging an industry leading CDN.


Update origins on the fly

You can change the origins you allow on the fly, and they'll be updated almost instantly.


Premium support

Rest assured we're here to help. We'll answer your queries within 48 hours.


Multiple keys

Store as many key pairs as you want with us, and seamlessly switch between them on a kit.


Save time

Mapkitter gets you going with MapKitJS in minutes, instead of hours or days. And we'll keep everything up-to-date, so you don't have to worry about that.


Maps Web Snapshots

Easily generate an unlimited amount of snapshots on the fly. Using our SDK or API.

Without ever touching your code

Update your origins on the fly

Mapkitter is fully managed. After you add our code snippet to your site we'll automatically manage everything for you. And you're in the driver's seat. Easily update allowed origins on the fly, without ever touching your code again.

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Map renders per month


Happy customers


We'll help you get started with MapKitJS in minutes and will scale with you to millions of map views per month.


€5 / mo
  • 1 kit
  • 1 origin per kit
  • No wildcard origins
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€15 / mo
  • 3 kits
  • 5 origins per kit
  • Use wildcards in origins
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€50 / mo
  • Unlimited kits
  • Unlimited origins per kit
  • Use wildcards in origins
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